Making Houses using Shapes
Shape Activities
Shape Train
Making Boats with Shapes
Shape Train
The carriages were made using square shaped sponges dipped in paint.  The chimney of the train was a smaller sponge.  The wheels were corks dipped in paint
To help the children learn about shapes, we do a few craft type activities that focus on the use of different shapes to make a picture.  We read books on shapes, look at shapes in the environment and do flash card type activities to reinforce children's understandings.  Here are a few activities we do.........
This activity was done to reinforce the concept of triangles.  We pre cut all of the shapes and when we did the activity we talked about how the shapes were put together to make the boat.  We provided a model for children to copy and then they attempted to put together their own boat using the shapes.  Adults provided minimal guidance where necessary.
To teach about circles we gave the children this butterfly to complete.  Again all shapes were pre-cut and we talked about how to make the butterfly and provided a model for children to work from

The Robot was done to reinforce the concept of rectangles and squares and the activity was carried out as for the boats and the butterfly.
House Building
Once the children had learnt the basic shapes we gave this activity to combine the use of triangles, rectangles and squares.  The children were able to work from a model or design their own

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Shape Lesson Ideas
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Other Ideas
Shape "I Spy"

Shape treasure hunt - cut out and laminate a variety of shapes and hide them around the classroom.  As children find the shapes, they have to tell the teacher or a friend what they have found.

Pattern blocks and cards - these can be commercially bought and are a great reinforcement for learning shapes.  The cards display different designs that the children can put together using the blocks.  Attribute blocks can also be used this way. 

Use pattern or attribute blocks for classifying e.g. shapes with corners/shapes with no corners OR shapes with 4 sides/ shapes with more than 4 sides etc.  See pattern and attribute blocks HERE

Shape collage - Provide a variety of colored shapes for students to use for collage or to create pictures from to glue onto paper.

Create a Shape Book - Staple together large sheets of paper and label each page with a shape name.  Look through magazines and find objects that have that shape OR draw objects in the environment with that shape e.g. wheels for

Shape Walk - Go for a walk outdoors with your students and look for shapes in the environment.  Take photos of the shapes, develop the photos and then have your students help you make wall charts for each shape by gluing the photos onto the charts.  If an outside walk is not possible, go for a walk around the school indoors.

Shape Threading - cut out large shapes on sturdy card, punch holes along the edge and have the children thread yarn through the holes to "sew" the shape.

Shape Mobile - trace shapes onto sturdy card.  Have students cut out the shapes and then decorate them with markers or craft materials.  Hang the shapes from the ceiling to make mobiles.

Shape Bodies - work with a partner to create shapes with your body.  For example, the teacher calls out "triangle" and the students work with their partner to make a triangle shape using their bodies.

Commercial products - there are many commercial products available such a bingo, lotto, memory and threading activities with a shape theme.
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